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Mitch McConnell Does the Dance

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell does the dance on the deficit, refusing to say how he would pay for the extension of the Bush tax cuts, and refusing to even discuss Republican House Budget guru Paul Ryan’s Roadmap on Deficit … Continue reading

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Deficit Reduction? Well Yes, But Maybe No.

The Wall Street Journal has written a story about the subject garnering a lot of press these days, the deficit. And there are plenty of stories that run directly off the question of how to deal with the deficit, principally … Continue reading

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Mayor's Corner on Methuen High School

This month’s Mayor’s Corner, with guests Arthur Nicholson, Suzanne Lamoureux, and Gino Baroni. We talked about the Methuen High School project and update the community on recent progress on the activities of Methuen’s Building Committee.

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MassInc Gubernatorial Debate

MassInc had a Governor’s Debate last week featuring all of the candidates for Governor, including Tim Cahill and Dr. Jill Stein. I am posting this and have to admit I have not yet watched it, so I must reserve my … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debate Part Two

The second round of video clips from the MassInc Massachusetts Governor’s Debate.

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Mosquito Spraying in Methuen Tomorrow

As a precaution, the Methuen Health Department has requested that The Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District apply a barrier treatment to Methuen School District fields and City of Methuen parks and to perform a citywide mosquito spraying … Continue reading

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Protect Social Security: Democratic Battle Cry

The President used the 75th anniversary of Social Security to whipsaw the Republican Party on how to best protect the system going forward. And that issue appears to be heating up, with many Republican candidates being forced to backpedal from … Continue reading

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Some Nasty Poll Results and Morning Joe

The new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released this week has some pretty ugly numbers for both Republicans and Democrats, as well as the President. I have attached the full file below. Which bad news to go over first. Is … Continue reading

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Release Federal Money ASAP

The President spoke on the $26 billion bill just passed by Congress to send additional money to state and local governments. I know that we will get some debate on the merits of the bill here (it is a rare … Continue reading

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Baker Internal Poll Has Patrick Leading

Charlie Baker released an internal campaign poll that had Deval Patrick leading Baker by a 39% to 32% margin, with Tim Cahill polling at 17%. Baker’s poll, by Public Opinion Strategies, highlighted some of the negative numbers that Governor Patrick … Continue reading

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