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Diane Maroun is the December Artist of the Month

Mayor William M. Manzi has named Diane Maroun as December’s Artist of the Month. Fine artist Diane J. Maroun, graduated from the prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Diane has received instruction from nationally renown … Continue reading

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Mitt Deploys in Iowa

Mitt Romney, sensing blood in the water, is deploying additional resources into Iowa as a new CNN Poll has him with a slight lead over Ron Paul. In this latest survey Newt Gingrich has dropped to fourth, behind Rick Santorum, … Continue reading

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In Denial

Pretty good column in the post by Robert Samuelson. Samuelson, who is right of center, lays out the problems our system is having resolving anything of substance on the budget. He puts out some interestring statistics that will likely have … Continue reading

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The Circular Firing Squad, or Merry Christmas Democrats

Take a couple of days off from blogging only to return to the House Republican conference blowing themselves up. Just as they have done in the past the Republican conference, egged on by Eric Cantor, submarined their Speaker, blew up … Continue reading

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Gingrich Slip Sliding in Iowa

A couple of posts back I speculated that the massive air assault launched against Newt Gingrich by Mitt Romney and Ron Paul was indeed weighing down Gingrich, and might allow Romn Paul to sneak in the back door. Public Policy … Continue reading

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Des Moines Register Endorses Romney

The Des Moines Register tonight endorsed Mitt Romney as the most qualified Republican competing in the Iowa caucuses. Romney did not receive the endorsement four years ago from the Register, but he picked up a nice boost for his campaign … Continue reading

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Song of the Week-The Black Keys "Lonely Boy"

Anybody that can put out a video like this has to have a great sense of humor or a bad attitude. But the song is great!

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