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Waiting for Superman Panel Discussion

A Massachusetts panel discussion on the movie “Waiting for Superman”, including educational leadership of the State Legislature.

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Newt Gingrich Before and After

Newt Gingrich, increasingly desperate for relevancy, has been pretty shrill in his denunciations of the Obama Administration. As Newt is running for the Republican nomination that is to be expected. But even by the staggering standards of hypocrisy set by … Continue reading

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The Libyan Adventure

The President used his weekly talk to outline U.S. goals and objectives in what he described as the limited military operation in Libya. President Obama talked about how the U.S. could not and should not be expected to intervene every … Continue reading

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Superintendents Award to Jessica Lucey

Congratulations to Jessica Lucey, one of the winners of the Superintendents Award this month. Jessica has a 4.45 GPA and ranks first in her class at Methuen High School. The write up by the staff at Methuen High School says … Continue reading

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Mayor Thatcher Kezer on Mayor's Corner

I had Mayor Thatcher Kezer on the “Mayor’s Corner” show this month, talking about his tenure as Mayor of Amesbury. Thank you Mayor Kezer for taking the time to come on the show.

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The Historical Vindication of the Big Fellow

As we celebrate St Patrick’s Day it seems fitting to remember and honor the man that Irish historian Tim Pat Coogan called the “Man who Made Ireland”, Michael Collins. Collins remains a controversial historical figure, having made decisions that have … Continue reading

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Angle Returns to the Field

Yes indeed Sharron Angle is returning to do electoral battle in Nevada, announcing that she will run for the Republican nomination in the Second Congressional. That seat is being vacated by Republican Dean Heller, who is running for the Nevada … Continue reading

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Speaker Deleo on Muni Health Care

Speaker Deleo, in remarks to the Boston Chamber, reiterated his strong support for his plan to force localities to enter the GIC or produce a local plan that meets GIC cost benchmarks. The Speaker, in a press conference after the … Continue reading

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Senate Polls Already?

Yes it is time to start looking at data again, with Senator Scott Brown looking toward his 2012 re-elect bid. Despite many folks rolling their eyes (too early for polling) the data contains some interesting tidbits. Western New England College … Continue reading

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Social Security and the Deficit

With all of the political focus on the deficit and real solutions to the deficit problem social security is once again a focus of both left and right. Of course any serious notion of deficit cutting has to address the … Continue reading

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