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Energy and Ethanol

One of the major issues confronting the candidates in this Presidential election cycle is energy, and its huge effect on our lives and our economy. There are many policy disputes between candidates and the parties themselves across a wide spectrum … Continue reading

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Democratic Unity Event

Former Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama came together in Unity New Hampshire for a Democratic unity event to promote Barack Obama for President. Both were effusive in their praise of each other, as the Democrats begin the process … Continue reading

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Spiggot Falls Park Repairs Complete

The work is nearly complete on the rebuild of Spiggot Falls Park, which was literally torn in half during the major floods of three years ago. Yesterday we took delivery of the walk bridge that will join the two parts … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Voids D.C. Gun Ban

In a decision that made history the U.S. Supreme Court, in a five to four decision, voided the Washington D.C. law that prohibited the ownership of handguns. The D.C. law also required that rifles and shotguns owned be kept in … Continue reading

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Governor Patrick’s Readiness Report

I have posted the full readiness report by Governor Patrick, released today. I have not even read it as of yet so I can offer no comment, but it is here for your examination and comment. Readiness Report

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Katherine Lavigne named permanent Chief of Police

I will on Friday send up to the City Council the name of Katherine Lavigne to be the new permanent Chief of the Methuen Police Department. Chief Lavigne has been the acting Chief for close to a year, and in … Continue reading

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Live Call in Show Wednesday Night

I will host my second live call in show tommorow evening at 7:30 with City Councilors Jennifer Kannan and Jeanne Pappalardo. The show will start at 7:30 p.m. on MCTV Channel 8 on Comcast. Please give me a call to … Continue reading

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