Methuen Primary Results

Here are some results from Methuen:

    Republican Presidential: Total Votes = 2922. Uncast Votes = 3.

Mitt Romney 2187 74.85%

Rick Santorum 336 11.50%

Ron Paul 249 8.52%

Newt Gingrich 111 3.80%

Rick Perry 8

Jon Huntsman 8

Michelle Bachmann 3

No Preference 11

Write In Votes 9

Republican State Committee (Male): Total Votes 2250. Uncast Votes= 675

William Ryan 1565 69.56%

Alexander Veras 672 29.87%

Write In Votes 13

Republican State Committee (Female) Total Votes = 2184 Uncast Votes= 741

Dorothy Early 1232 56.41%

Sheila Mullins 941 43.09%

Write In Votes 11

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4 Responses to Methuen Primary Results

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    You have been twisting the nose of Mitt Romney all these month with naggy little issues “Romney limping to Michigan lead” with long monographs with meaningless tripe, then when Mitt wins Methuen by 75% what is your headline??? Newt took 4%.

    You are not fair and balanced.



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    I am glad you were reading my Facebook feed, where I made the Gingrich crack. Just having a bit of fun with Tommy Duggan. As far as Romney goes I think I have given him credit where it has been due. As far as criticism I think you need to look to the right, where the most strident attacks on Romney have taken place. I refer you to George Will, Erik Erikson, and Bill Kristol. Those folks have been far harsher than I. Do you think Will is putting out “tripe”?



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    It’s been a contentious Primary. The party is going through a change. The old guard had become Democrat light loosing the 2006 legislative majority leading to the passage of the atrociousness healthcare law.

    Another embarrassment was George the elder raising taxes after his famous anti-tax pledge.

    Meanwhile you Democrats kept raising taxes at will.

    Our guys did not show any courage or any intelligence.

    Now the fight is on to restructure the party and it ain’t pretty.

    As far a George will is concerned I think is a scholarly mind and writes well. He may be old school. Maybe too much time with Democratic pundit crew on the show.

    The primary has shown Romney to be a steady hand at the wheel. He has some seasoning to go through.



  4. Great post thank yyou


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