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McCain the undisciplined

With the two posts on campaign ads bringing some comments about effectiveness a story in todays Washington Post highlights some of my criticism of McCain’s political strategy. Essentially saying that McCain refuses to stay on message the story highlights McCains … Continue reading

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The Obama response

And after yesterdays post lets look at the Obama response. Effective? From Obama’s perspective I like the photo of Bush and McCain together, feeding into the “McSame” theme. Alternative energy proposals? Good visuals for Obama. Taking on big oil? A … Continue reading

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Obama compared to Britney?

The McCain campaign continues to struggle with the Obama factor in this race. They have criticized the media for slanted coverage, and ridiculed his overseas trip, referred to him as “the chosen one”, and now they have taken the drastic … Continue reading

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Methuen Master Plan Passed

Culminating a two year process the Methuen City Council voted 8-1 in favor of passing a new Master Plan for Methuen, and adopting a new city wide zoning plan that was the result of our master planning process. The zoning … Continue reading

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Federal Deficit Soars

More news from the land of fiscal responsibility. From the Washington Post: The federal budget deficit will surge to nearly $490 billion next fiscal year, a record dollar amount, driven by continuing war costs and an economic slowdown that is … Continue reading

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State Teaches Cities Fiscal Responsibility

One of the new items to come out of the state budget is the idea of a commission to study municipal budgeting and monitor local spending. It is covered in todays Eagle Tribune, where we learn that the state is … Continue reading

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More Pension Follies

The Globe is reporting today on the ability of some local and state employees to gather extra (and earlier) pension benefits by invoking a 1945 state law that gives the richer benefit to twenty year employees who have had their … Continue reading

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Ethanol under attack

With the prices of food commodities soaring Texas governor Rick Perry has asked the EPA to waive the ethanol requirements for gasoline in his state. From the New York Times: Mr. Perry says the billions of bushels of corn being … Continue reading

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It is time for Campaigning!

I had the video below sent to me via email, and it is pretty clever. Blue Mass group has it posted as well. Enjoy. Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today!

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Timetables, Horizons and al-Maliki

The Bush Administration is seeking clarification from the Iraqi government after German magazine Der Spiegel printed remarks from Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki that appeared to support the position of Barack Obama on a sixteen month withdrawal timetable for American … Continue reading

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