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Sullivan Routed

Todays weigh in at Latitudes produced what most insiders knew was a foregone conclusion from the start, a victory for me, Mayor Bill Manzi against Lawrence Mayor Michael Sullivan in the biggest loser weight loss competition. For the record Mayor … Continue reading

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Bird and Magic redux

The matchup that was made for network T.V. has arrived, as the Celtics and Lakers face off in the N.B.A. finals. This rivalry is one of the oldest in sports, and was one of the keys to the revitalization of … Continue reading

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Weigh in Today

Mayor Michael Sullivan of Lawrence and I will weigh in today as we conclude the “biggest loser” weight loss competition. There are rumors everywhere that Mayor Sullivan has agreed to a full body shave if he loses todays competition. The … Continue reading

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Pension Pile On

The State Legislature, in its infinite wisdom, has passed a pension package which gives a seemingly small benefit to state and municipal retirees. That small benefit, which lifts the amount of pension eligible for a COLA (cost of living adjustment) … Continue reading

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Scott McClellan:Bush manipulated us to war

In a new memoir Scott McClellan, the former press secretary to President Bush, writes that Bush sold the war in Iraq with political propaganda and misdirection. From the Washington Post: Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan writes in a … Continue reading

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Gov. Kathleen Sebelius For V.P.?

With discussion of a potential Democratic Vice Presidential candidate somewhat muted with Hillary still in the race Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas is being talked about with some frequency as a potential V.P. for Barack Obama. Sebelius was the subject … Continue reading

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Police Detail Reform withers on the vine

The Boston Globe is reporting today that the vaunted “reform” of the paid police detail system in Massachusetts appears to be dying a slow death. This reform, announced to great fanfare by the top legislative leadership only a short time … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown on the Ropes

What is a story about the English Prime Minister doing on this blog? Well, we need a foreign policy in Methuen, you know. As a long time fan of Prime Ministers questions on C-Span I have been fascinated by the … Continue reading

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Farmers Raid the Treasury

Congress succesfully overrode the Bush veto of the Farm bill, in spite of a legislative glitch that actually left an entire bill section out of the submission to President Bush. That omitted section will be dealt with separately and likely … Continue reading

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McCain Rejects Hagee Endorsement

John McCain finally rejected the endorsement of John Hagee, the anti-Catholic crackpot whose endorsement gave McCain nothing but political headaches after some of Hagees anti-Catholic statements had come to light. The new revelations of Hagee saying that the rise of … Continue reading

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