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Battleground Ohio

A new Public Policy poll has some very interesting data from Ohio. Just about everyone agrees that the road for Mitt Romney is much more difficult if he loses Ohio. Romney would really have to run the table on the … Continue reading

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The "Big Budget Deal" Collapses

Later today President Obama will meet with Congressional leaders to take another run at getting Congress to raise the debt ceiling before August 2. While there appears to have been some movement towards what has been described as a “large … Continue reading

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The End of Sanity

As we approach the point where we will be putting the full faith and credit of the United States at risk by not raising the debt ceiling we had Washington engaged in more gun-slinging, with most involved checking their brain … Continue reading

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Tax Expenditures for Oil Companies

We often hear from Republicans that federal tax subsidies for so called “green power” should be eliminated. A multitude of reasons are given for such positions, including the often heard “the government should not be distorting the market in favor … Continue reading

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More Deficit Battles

The deficit wars continue to rage, with both parties outlining deficit reduction visions that are miles apart. For people who take this issue seriously there is some prospect for success, despite the starkly different visions laid out by both sides … Continue reading

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The Libyan Adventure

The President used his weekly talk to outline U.S. goals and objectives in what he described as the limited military operation in Libya. President Obama talked about how the U.S. could not and should not be expected to intervene every … Continue reading

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The 12% Solution

The President spent his weekly address on the upcoming budget submission, and on the federal deficit. He, like the Republicans in the House, has chosen to emphasize reductions or freezes in spending on the so called discretionary portion of the … Continue reading

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