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Tax Expenditures for Oil Companies

We often hear from Republicans that federal tax subsidies for so called “green power” should be eliminated. A multitude of reasons are given for such positions, including the often heard “the government should not be distorting the market in favor … Continue reading

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The House Gives Cities a Big Win

The Massachusetts House of Representatives last night voted to pass municipal health care reform that actually saves municipalities money, incurring the ire of organized labor and setting the stage for the final showdown in the Senate. Organized labor continued their … Continue reading

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Stockman Takes Washington to Woodshed

David Stockman, the Reagan OMB Director, wrote a column for the New York Times over the weekend in which he plainly lays out the games that are being played by Dems and Repubs on solving the budget deficit. He takes … Continue reading

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Bobby Cole Wins April SOAR Award

Congratulations to Bobby Cole, winner of the April SOAR Award. It is an honor for the physical education department to nominate Bobby Cole as this year’s S.O.A.R. Award recipient. Bobby is a bright and articulate young man for whom it … Continue reading

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Trump: Romney Minuscule

Donald Trump is roiling the Republican Party, as he attacks not only President Obama but any Republican who is a potential competitor or who has the temerity to question his credentials. Trump has shot up to the top of the … Continue reading

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House Steps Towards Real Muni Health Reform

The House Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Haverhill’s Brian Dempsey, released their version of the FY12 Budget this week, and it contained some real good news for municipalities throughout Massachusetts. The Dempsey budget did not change the local aid … Continue reading

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More Deficit Battles

The deficit wars continue to rage, with both parties outlining deficit reduction visions that are miles apart. For people who take this issue seriously there is some prospect for success, despite the starkly different visions laid out by both sides … Continue reading

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