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Today's Tribune Story on Pension Obligation

Today’s Tribune has a story on pension funding by the City of Methuen. The online version has a headline which reads “Mayor says City not able to pay pension money today”, which is not what I said. I said that … Continue reading

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Tax Demagoguery

I am back from a Christmas respite from blogging. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. As you likely know the Methuen City Council is faced with a vote on tax classification, which has brought forward a torrent … Continue reading

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Dems Reach 60 in the Senate

With Senator Ben Nelson coming on board after a hard fought compromise on abortion was reached the Democratic Party has reached the 60 vote margin necessary to pass the Senate version of health care reform. Nelson achieved more than changes … Continue reading

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The President on Health Care

The President spends his weekly address on health care, talking about the past failure of a patient bill of rights, and decrying the parliamentary obstruction of the Republican Party on health care. Meanwhile the Senate Democrats continue to struggle to … Continue reading

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Methuen High School Project Moves Forward

Today’s Eagle Tribune details the results of yesterday’s Building Committee Meeting, where a “preferred’ design was selected by the Committee. The school design selected, referred to as the “bridge” concept, will now be submitted to the Massachusetts School Building Authority … Continue reading

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Katie Oskar is December S.O.A.R. Award Recipient

“Academically distinguished, intellectually inquisitive, and athletically gifted best describe senior Katie Oskar,” states Principal Jim Guica. Methuen High School is pleased to recognize a student of Katie’s stature as the S.O.A.R Award recipient for December. Katie is a student athlete … Continue reading

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The Explosion in Pension Costs

Today’s Tribune has a story about pension costs in Methuen, and how the continued rapid escalation in these costs are threatening municipal finances throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I do agree with Michael Widmer that any extension of the full … Continue reading

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