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Firefighters Rally

State firefighters rallied at the State House yesterday, with a focus on the ongoing dispute between the City of Boston and the Fire Uniuon over mandatory drug testing. From the Globe: Boston firefighters have been criticized in recent months for … Continue reading

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Tsongas “undecided”

Fifth Congressional Congresswoman (and super-delegate) Niki Tsongas, in an A.P. interview carried in the Herald, says she is undecided in the presidential race. She is saying that she will make a call by the end of June, and that a … Continue reading

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Deficits do Matter

The idea that deficits don’t matter (promulgated as a matter of politics by Dick Cheney) certainly has sunk in on the Republican side, with tax proposals pushed by John McCain likely to add trillions to our deficit over the next … Continue reading

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Clyburn Assails Clinton

Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, the third ranking member of the House and a black leader nationally, assailed Bill Clinton for some of his conduct during this primary season. In a New York Times interview Clyburn made some points … Continue reading

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The Budget and Frills

The Tribune wrote a story on the budget deliberations underway in Methuen, and I was quoted as saying that it would be a “no frills” budget. The same story also highlighted the possibility of layoffs to balance the budget, and … Continue reading

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Tom Tancredo Insults the Pope

Congressman Tom Tancredo, who ran a “stellar” campaign for President, amassing a string of showings in the one and two percent support ranges before withdrawal, has now chosen to insult Pope Benedict XVI over the Pope’s comments on immigration. Tancredo … Continue reading

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Clinton Carries PA

MSNBC and most networks are calling the state of PA for Senator Hillary Clinton. The exact margin is not clear as of yet, but the spin game has begun. The Obama campaign is pointing to a prospective low margin Clinton … Continue reading

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PA predictions?

Time to put on your pundits hats and call the PA primary numbers today. Who will win, and by what margin? The bragging rights for the winner will likely make that person unbearable for months. I am taking the safe … Continue reading

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Local Legislative Municipal Relief Package

After a series of meetings between the Merrimack Valley Mayors and Managers coalition and local lawmakers a legislative package of items that would bring non-monetary relief to municipalities has been agreed to and will be submitted by our legislative partners. … Continue reading

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New Accessible Doorways at Methuen’s Timony School

Methuen’s Disabilities Commission, using monies derived from its own revolving fund, have financed the installation of pushbutton openers on the entrance doors to the Timony School as well as the other Grammar schools. I would like to thank the School … Continue reading

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