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Methuen's Memorial Day Service

Methuen’s Memorial Day service was held today. It was an honor to have Gold Star Mother Celeste Vicente and Gold Star Grandfather Russ Currier on hand to remember and honor Marine Cpl. David Vicente and Marine Pfc. Eric Currier. Thank … Continue reading

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Medicare: You Reap……

Quite a thing to hear Republicans complaining about Democratic demagoguery on Medicare. It is even more astounding to hear them step up and demand that Democrats actually participate in the debate, and act all grown up and responsible. Yes the … Continue reading

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Democrat Hochul Wins in NY 26th

Democrat Kathy Hochul won a decisive victory over Republican Jane Corwin in New York’s special election in the predominantly Republican district in upstate New York. Hochul, with 90% reporting, took 48%, to 42% for Corwin, with Tea Party candidate Jack … Continue reading

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T-Paw Makes the Announcement

Tim Pawlenty joined the Republican Presidential field yesterday via a You Tube announcement. Pawlenty, in my opinion, has to be considered for today, as the leading alternative to Mitt Romney. His announcement has him taking the position of truth teller, … Continue reading

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President Obama at AIPAC

The President goes to AIPAC after his comments on negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians using the 1967 borders as a starting point created some degree of controversy, especially with the Israeli Prime Minister and Republicans attempting to demagogue the … Continue reading

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Mitch Takes A Pass

The Republican Presidential field further thinned itself of serious candidates when Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels took himself out of the running today. Daniels had been looked to by many Republicans unsatisfied with the current field, but he cited family considerations … Continue reading

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New York's 26th Congressional Referendum on Medicare?

A special election in New York State’s 26th Congressional District to fill the seat of resigned Republican Christopher Lee is heating up, with national coverage (and money) descending on a race that should be easily Republican. Democrat Kathy Hochul has … Continue reading

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State Senate Moves on Muni Health Care Reform

The Senate Ways and Means Committee yesterday released its version of municipal health care reform, and while it differed from the House version it certainly delivers on the promise of municipal health care reform. More to say later, the MMA … Continue reading

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Gingrich Withers on the Vine

Newt Gingrich’s presidential candidacy appears over before it even began, with howls of protest from Republicans over his comments on Meet the Press and new questions about large bills to Tiffany’s. Gingrich was forced to make a call of apology … Continue reading

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Governor Patrick on Health Care Cost Containment

Governor Patrick’s testimony before the Legislature on his ideas for health care cost containment. This issue, and Governor Patrick’s ideas on it, are being watched nationwide. I would venture to say that this may be the most important issue that … Continue reading

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