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The Tsongas Slip

A gaffe by Niki Tsongas has led to two major newstories and much Internet chatter about her claim (highlighted on YouTube) to have “represented the District for ten years”. From the Eagle Tribune. “I represented (the district) in Washington for … Continue reading

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New Controversy for Chapter 40B

Chapter 40B, the State’s so called anti-snob zoning law, is under renewed attack. The Boston Globe has run a story detailing a renewed effort to repeal the law by a group formed for that purpose. On Monday, John Belskis, founder … Continue reading

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Big Boys Do Cry (The Tom Delay Story)

Well the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Tom Delay has put out his biography, and I am sure that the people of Massachusetts will be breaking down the doors at the local bookstores to get … Continue reading

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Bea’s Riverfront Land

I have recently announced that Methuen would begin the process of improving the so called Bea’s site without the addition of a full boat ramp. This gateway site along the river has provoked much discussion, with people advocating for passive … Continue reading

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Harry Potter at the Loop

I had the pleasure of giving out the first new Harry Potter book at the Borders in Methuen at The Loop at midnight last evening. The Loop was hopping, and it seemed like thousands of people were there, enjoying themselves … Continue reading

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New Tsongas Poll

A new survey released by the Tsongas campaign shows Nikki Tsongas with a strong lead in the Democratic primary scheduled in September to replace Martin Meehan. The Lowell Sun is reporting that the Tsongas poll results as In the poll … Continue reading

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Methuen Master Plan

Methuen’s Master Plan, in its final form, has been unveiled. This plan, creating a blueprint for so many facets of life in Methuen, is available at the City website or at the Master Plan website. We were fortunate to receive … Continue reading

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The U.A.W. and Health Care

As the U.A.W. and the big three automakers prepare to negotiate what promises to be a critically important labor contract the New York Times reports that for the first time U.A.W. retirees outnumber active workers. That shift has the greatest … Continue reading

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Reid digs in

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, unable to reach 60 votes to stop a Republican filibuster of a Democratic plan for Iraq withdrawal, pulled all competing proposals off of the legislative agenda, more than likely ensuring that no change in policy … Continue reading

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Erasing Boundaries Part Three

I have written in prior posts (link) (link) about our attempts to break down artificial barriers that prevent administrative efficiencies from being achieved. Methuen is one of the cities involved in the planning for a regional dispatch center that would … Continue reading

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