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Halperin Suspended

Mark Halperin, political analyst for Time Magazine as well as MSNBC, was suspended indefinitely today by the network for calling President Obama a “dick” on the Morning Joe show. I happened to be watching the show when Halperin made the … Continue reading

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President Obama Plays Offense

The President held a press conference yesterday, ratcheting up his rhetoric against Republicans on the issue of raising the debt ceiling. The President appeared to draw a line in the sand over Republican refusal to include any revenues in a … Continue reading

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Tale of Two Approaches

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is taking a few victory laps after passing a pension and health care reform bill in New Jersey, reaching agreement with the Democratic legislature on a bill that had to be hard for them … Continue reading

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Pawlenty Channels His Inner Jimmy Carter

Tim Pawlenty gave a major foreign policy speech at the Council on Foreign Relations today, talking in the broadest terms about support for democracy in the Middle East, criticizing the Obama Administration for not doing more to support the Arab … Continue reading

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Budget and Campaign Musings

Methuen’s budget is passed, and of course that passage has its critics. Naturally, in a political season, there are going to be those who utilize the budget for political purposes. Just a few disjointed thoughts: 1) When a candidate tells … Continue reading

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A Flake You Say? Now That is Fair and Balanced

Chris Wallace had Michelle Bachmann on Fox News Sunday, and besides asking about her family taking advantage of federal programs Wallace had the temerity to ask Bachmann whether she was a “flake”. Wallace issued an apology via the FNS website … Continue reading

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Iowa Poll: Good News for Bachmann

A new survey by the Des Moines Register shows Mitt Romney leading the pack in Iowa, with Michelle Bachmann in a statistical dead heat with Romney for the lead. Romney is polling at 23%, Bachmann at 22%, and Herman Cain … Continue reading

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Trial in Boston? Maybe Not

I have resisted (up to now) the desire to post on the capture of James Bulger, although I admit to being as fascinated with the story as everyone else appears to be. The Bulger capture and the hyper media coverage … Continue reading

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Mired Down in Afghanistan

The President gave his speech on Afghanistan, announcing that he was essentially winding down the “surge” that he had authorized a year or so ago. It appears to just about all that the President is splitting the policy difference, throwing … Continue reading

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Jon Joins the Party (Or did He?)

Jon Huntsman officially joined the Party yesterday, declaring his intention to run for the Presidency as a Republican. In one of his first interviews to talk about electoral strategy Huntsman indicated that he would carve a path to the nomination … Continue reading

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