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New Brown-Warren Polling, and the Mitt Romney Effect

The new Boston Globe survey on the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race came out today, showing the inexorable drift towards Elizabeth Warren that Suffolk had picked up a week or so ago. This drift comes in spite of voters having a … Continue reading

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Joss Stone With the Song of the Week "The High Road"

Joss Stone is a great artist who already has done some fabulous work with some of the icons of rock, including Jeff Beck. She covers Broken Bells “The High Road”, and it is a spectacular effort. She is at the … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Polling

As the Presidential race comes into the home stretch is there a more important “swing” state than neighboring New Hampshire? The Granite State has four electoral votes, but its influence far outweighs those four votes. If Al Gore had won … Continue reading

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Suffolk University in Virginia

Suffolk University and pollster David Paleologos have just released a new survey conducted in Virginia. Paleologos surveyed the Presidential race, as well as the big Senate showdown between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican George Allen. Some interesting results. On the … Continue reading

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Slip Sliding Away

The electoral map has taken a significant turn for the worse for Mitt Romney, with swing state polling all heading in the wrong direction for the Republican nominee. While it is too early for Team Obama to begin spiking the … Continue reading

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Education Nation- Obama and Romney

President Obama and Mitt Romney both appeared on NBC’s “Education Nation”, which has covered some fairly interesting educational ground in the past. Both covered some interesting topics, and after you take out some of the political nuances there appears to … Continue reading

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How to Deal With the Sequester? Another Sequester!

A Politico story (that didn’t seem to catch any attention) wrote about how Congress may deal with the sequester that has come about due to the failure of the so called Super Committee established by Congress after the last debt … Continue reading

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Compromise Still a Dirty Word, or Learn Your Arithmetic

Since the Simpson-Bowles Commission issued its report there has been much call from many in the media (see Scott Lehigh and David Brooks) for the serious minded to get on board and support the Commission’s findings, which call for entitlement … Continue reading

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Rocky Marciano Honored

Rocky Marciano was honored today with a 22 foot statue unveiled in the City of Champions, Brockton, Massachusetts. A big crowd, with many boxing luminaries, celebrated the statue and the achievements of the only heavyweight champion to retire undefeated. A … Continue reading

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Pension Reform?

Professor Edward Glaeser, who writes on a regular basis for the Boston Globe, penned an article on public pensions a couple of months back. It raised some very interesting concepts, which included a call for additional centralization (getting rid of … Continue reading

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