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Christmas Tournament Redux

Congrats to the CCHS basketball team, which defeated Lawrence in Saturday night action to win the annual Christmas Tourney. Methuen lost to a scrappy Andover squad in the preliminary. If you haven’t had an opportunity to see some schoolboy (or … Continue reading

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Bhutto Assasination

Benazir Bhutto’s assasination and the government explanation of it are further called into question by the linked video from NBC showing a different view of the events. Link to the video here. This assasination has left the Musharaff government teetering, … Continue reading

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Christmas Tournament

The Methuen High School squad was defeated by Lawrence in Christmas Tournament action on Thursday. Having had an opportunity to see the game I can tell you that Methuen’s effort was outstanding, and the game was a lot closer than … Continue reading

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Mayoral Vetoes

Today’s Eagle Tribune reports that I have vetoed two pieces of City Council legislation. The first legislation vetoed was the extension of the sewer and water task force. The Task Force was created by City Council action and was designed … Continue reading

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The fight over Voter ID

A story in the Washington Post details the partisan divide that exists over voter ID requirements that are being passed in several states and being challenged through the court system. The Supreme Court will open the new year with its … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays I am back!

After a holiday hiatus I am back writing on this blog. I apologize for my absence but a holiday season spent debating water and sewer rates made it difficult to get to this blog. Consider this to be an open … Continue reading

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The False Conservative

With Mike Huckabee surging in both Iowa and in national polls the business portion of the former Republican majority has launched an all out attack on his “conservative” credentials. The attack has been led by the “Club for Growth”, who … Continue reading

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