Methuen Mayoral Primary Results (Unofficial)

The unofficial results from the Methuen Mayoral Primary September 17, 2019 (Two to advance)

Riccio 147

*Kannan 1212

*Perry 2607

Shibilia 929

Central District Council Primary September 17, 2019 (Four to advance)

*McCarty 595
*Faretra 397
*Deeb 372
*Campagnone 368
Normandia 252

West District Councilor Primary September 17, 2019 (Four to advance)

*Simard 1199
*Bryant 706
*Gallo 612
*Saffie 540
Batal 281

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Methuen Democratic Town Committee Annual Breakfast 2019

The Methuen Democratic Town Committee held its annual breakfast yesterday. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the assembled group, and wonderful to have Congresswoman Lori Trahan, State Senator Diana DiZoglio, and State Reps Linda Dean Campbell and Christine Minicucci on hand to speak. The candidates for local office were on hand, and if they were in the audience they had an opportunity to speak. There was a straw poll, and those results are below. It is not easy to get up and give a short presentation on your candidacy, but everyone did a terrific job. Thanks to Chair Lisa Ferry, Vice Chair James McCarty, and all of the Committee members for all of their hard work.

Straw Poll Results:

Jennifer Kannan 95
Neil Perry 81
Dan Shibilia 8
Don Riccio 6

Councilor at Large:
David DJ Beauregard 136
Jessica L. Finocchiaro 95
Nicholas DiZoglio 77

Stephen J. Angelo, Jr. 59
Arthur L. Hardy III 14

Central District City Councilor
James McCarty 72
Joyce C. Campagnone 67
Jordan A. Normandia 62
Joel P. Faretra 28
Dennis “D.J.” Deeb 8

West District Councilor
Mike Simard 121
Allison Mary Saffie 80
Frank P. Gallo 52
William S. Bryant 49
Jeri-an Batal 14

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Senator Tom Sherman on Seabrook Community Meeting

State Senator Tom Sherman is convening a community meeting, in conjunction with the Seabrook Board of Selectmen, on September 16, 2019 at the Seabrook Community Center, 311 Lafayette Road, at 6:30 p.m. Senator Sherman is an MD, and he will bring some important speakers to this program to discuss, and look for solutions, to the very serious opioid crisis negatively impacting so many lives, in Seabrook and beyond. Our thanks to the Senator for his leadership. Hope to see you at this event.

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The Seabrook CIP Book for 2020 is Posted

I am pleased to present my sixth CIP Book to the Seabrook Planning Board, the Seabrook Board of Selectmen, and the Seabrook Budget Committee. I have also prepared a seven year history of capital spending, as well as a separate book (CIP Supplemental) that looks at how we fund CIP Projects, as well as how we are progressing with our 2019 articles. The additional information is designed to assist policy makers as they determine how to proceed in 2020 and beyond in authorizing, and funding, vital capital projects.

2020 CIP final

Seabrook 2020 CIP Submission Supplemental

Seabrook CIP Spending Seven Year Review 2019

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Seabrook Receives MS4 (Stormwater) Permit from EPA Region 1

The Town of Seabrook has just received its MS4 Permit (General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems in New Hampshire (MS4 General Permit) from the U.S. E.P.A. The Board of Selectmen discussed this at their July meeting, and have been committed to meeting the requirements of the Permit. My thanks to DPW Manager John Starkey and our engineers TEC, who worked diligently to get our NOI (Notice of Intent) in timely. Of course there is much more work to be done to stay current, and our team is working on the next phase currently. The EPA documents are below.



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A Review of “The Second Most Powerful Man in the World: The Life of Admiral William D Leahy”

The Second Most Powerful Man in the World: The Life of Admiral William D. Leahy, Roosevelt's Chief of StaffThe Second Most Powerful Man in the World: The Life of Admiral William D. Leahy, Roosevelt’s Chief of Staff by Phillips Payson O’Brien
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An interesting book on the life and impactful military and political career of Admiral William Lahey. Lahey had an extraordinary naval career, holding a multitude of operational and administrative jobs in the Navy, including all of the top Navy jobs. During his naval career he became friendly with then Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin Roosevelt. This relationship with Roosevelt would be rekindled when FDR became President, with Lahey serving Roosevelt in many roles.

The author repeatedly points to Lahey’s many key roles as the world headed to war, and he is not wrong about Admiral Lahey’s many achievements. as well as his central role in all military matters in the Roosevelt Administration. Admiral Lahey served as Chief of Naval Operations, as FDR’s Governor of Puerto Rico, and as the U.S. Ambassador to Vichy France, where his efforts to keep the Vichy government on a diplomatic path that would limit Nazi Germany’s influence largely failed. Lahey was eventually recalled to Washington, where he served as military Chief of Staff to the President, a job described as the precursor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He essentially “directed the traffic”, so to speak, for FDR on all military matters. Lahey, in fact, was the first naval officer to achieve five-star status, and the most senior of all American five stars, regardless of branch. Lahey was also designated as the senior American to the joint British-American military chiefs after U.S. entry into the war against Germany. Lahey’s central role in WWII cannot be in doubt. After the death of FDR President Truman kept him on, and while his influence was never quite the same Lahey was at the center of all major military decisions, including the use of nuclear weapons on Japan, which he strongly opposed. In his central role Lahey was at most of the major allied conferences during WWII, and he was with Roosevelt at Yalta.

As a biography of Lahey I rate the book as excellent. I do question the author’s insistence on denigrating the contributions of other major American military figures in WWII and attempting to build Lahey up at others expense. The author is very hard on George Marshall, criticizing him throughout the book, and minimizing his influence on FDR. Marshall, without question, knew how to gather positive media, as did Douglas MacArthur, but the author was over the top in this effort. He attempted to make Harry Hopkins and Lahey rivals for influence with FDR, but this effort to minimize Hopkins just did not ring true to me. The author seems upset by the lack of historical footprint for Admiral Lahey, and he may have a point, but the constant ripping down of Marshall and others took something away from this effort for me. The description of Lahey’s position on China was, to me, especially convoluted and did not make sense. I saw another reviewer with the same thought who recommended “China 1945” by Richard Bernstein, and I concur. Lahey appears to be more isolationist post-war, and from my vantage point appears largely incorrect in his policy recommendations to Truman on how to deal with the challenge from Stalin.

This book covers some of the most momentous times in U.S. history, and brings a figure largely forgotten by history back to life. Admiral William Lahey led a very dedicated life of service, and I agree that his major contributions to the U.S. war effort have been overlooked. This time in our history had so many gigantic personalities, egos, and talents that it is not a mystery that a behind the scenes operator like Lahey might be lost in the shuffle, but he deserves better. I just wish the author had not made that rehabilitation a zero sum game.

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The NRC Denies C-10 Petition on Seabrook Station

C-10, in light of the successful license amendment and license renewal of Seabrook Station, filed an “emergency petition” with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, seeking review of those decisions by the Commission.

C-10 Research and Education Foundation filed a petition related to concrete degradation caused by alkali-silica reaction (ASR) at Seabrook Station, Unit. C-10 asks us to exercise our inherent supervisory authority to direct the NRC Staff to address the safety risk posed by ASR in the Seabrook containment building before the Staff acts on the ASR license amendment request (LAR) or license renewal application filed by NextEra Energy Seabrook.

The NRC has issued its decision on this matter, which is attached below. The C-10 request was denied in full.

2019 07 25 Commission – CLI-19-07 (Denying C-10 Emergency Petition

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