Mayor's Corner on Methuen High School

This month’s Mayor’s Corner, with guests Arthur Nicholson, Suzanne Lamoureux, and Gino Baroni. We talked about the Methuen High School project and update the community on recent progress on the activities of Methuen’s Building Committee.

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4 Responses to Mayor's Corner on Methuen High School

  1. Bob LeBlanc says:

    What is the fee for Gino Baroni’s company on this project?


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    3% of the project.


  3. Bob LeBlanc says:

    WOW..3% really ! I would have thought it would be a fixed price so that he would not have an interest in overruns. So if the project exceeds original cost he benefits right?


  4. Bill Manzi says:

    3% with a cap. KBA/Trident is there to prevent overruns, not benefit by them. If you were acquainted with the MSBA system of school finance I think you would understand that if we exceed the approved budget then the City is on the hook, and the OPM as well as the Design Team are on the hook as well. Neither would benefit. The CM at Risk delivery method which the Building Committee chose will be further protection for the City on this project.


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