Some Nasty Poll Results and Morning Joe

The new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released this week has some pretty ugly numbers for both Republicans and Democrats, as well as the President. I have attached the full file below. Which bad news to go over first. Is the nation heading in the right direction? Well 58% say no. Not a good sign for Democrats heading into the midterms. The President? His overall ratings are not bad, with 48% disapproving, and 47% approving of his job performance. But his handling of the economy does not get high marks, with 52% disapproving of the job he is doing in that area. It of course is still about jobs, and economic security. Those basic things are slipping away from more people, and the President and his Party will be blamed.

But Congress is in real tough shape, with over 70% disapproving of their job performance. Both Dems and Republicans showed record lows in voter approvals. And why would anyone anticipate anything different??? I have had a chance to watch “Morning Joe” this week and happened to catch NY Congressman Anthony Weiner on the show. Weiner was on talking about the failure of a bill to assist New Yorkers who aided people at the site of the September 11 attack. Weiner had attacked Republican Congressman Peter King of New York, (who supported the bill) in a very personal way for not delivering more Republican votes. Weiner’s House tirade made its way around the internet very quickly. But come to find out that the Speaker moved this bill as a “suspension bill”, which requires a 2/3 majority for passage. Suspension bills do not allow for amendments. The Speaker was trying to head off a Republican immigration amendment that would have caused a potential split in Democratic ranks. All of that is mind numbing gobbledook to most voters. But that argument derailed a $7billion dollar House bill that had a clear House majority. That is the essence of dysfunction, and why people hate both parties. Scarborough called Weiner out on why the bill was brought out as a “suspension bill”, and Weiner’s double talk here is further evidence of how out of touch these folks really are. Joe Scarborough was right on this one. Weiner was busted, but Republicans would not help to pass a bill without creating a sideshow, so they are not innocent here either. But these types of circus acts, where NOTHING gets done, is what lies at the root of why people hate Washington. After watching Weiner and King in action I am amazed that Congress could even get 20% approval. Wow!

Read the Fix on the poll results.

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7 Responses to Some Nasty Poll Results and Morning Joe

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    I notice while our President lies as he paints a rosy picture of a failing economy, he takes 26 billion of borrowed money to save government jobs for the votes he will be awarded by the grateful unions.

    We are all equals, but to Obama, some are more equal than others. The working families, the Democrats “claim” to care about, dangle in the wind. The superior race here, your Honor, are the government employees of which we have so many.

    I do think you chose one of the optimistic polls. Which ever you chose, the line is declining.

    As far as you NOT being a ideologue, I would like to remind you that you are hosted by a blog group called “Lefty Blog”.

    I wonder if you will get your share of the 26 billion. So many greedy hands to between the Governor and you. What do you do next year?

    One question (again); do you feel the Democrats are managing the economy effectively.



  2. Bob LeBlanc says:

    What was that $7 billion spending bill? How would it have benefited Methuen? How much money has been brought into Meethuen from Federal Govt in last 2 years?


  3. Bill Manzi says:


    The $7 billion referenced in this post was for first responders in New York, dealing with those heroes who have had physical ailments due to their work on the scene of the attack. As you can see I was less interested in the particulars of the bill and very interested in the double talk coming out of both parties on the subject. On the matter of federal money I would point to continued federal support for the Rte 93 Rotary Project, and the federal money brought to the Appleyard Project as two prominent examples of federal money coming to Methuen. Federal stimulus money worth $4 million came to the Methuen School Department as well.



  4. Bill Manzi says:


    The $26 billion dollar appropriation was in fact “paid for”, unlike the trillion dollar Republican expansion of drug benefits to Medicare.

    In terms of the money being used to restore laid off teachers, firefighters, and police I submit to you that even if temporary that is “good spending”. Jules most of our children are educated in public schools. With the system essentially cratering many communities are laying off teachers to balance budgets. Do you think it advisable to allow class sizes to skyrocket, to cut programs to save local dollars, and to allow public education in the United States to slip below the standards necessary to compete in a global economy? I really don’t think you do. I realize that there are substantial union issues to be dealt with, and believe me I am not here to defend the public sector unions. But while the system exists the way it is are we to punish school children to wage ideological warfare with the public sector unions?

    In terms of what to do next year I think that the day of reckoning is coming, and that day is going to provide a hard dose of reality upon everyone, including the public sector unions. What they wish to deny will be thrust upon them by the cold steel of hard numbers.

    As to the question of Democratic management of the economy I feel that it could be better, especially in the area of jobs for our people. The stimulus bill should have been drawn in the White House, and not in Congress. And it should have centered around jobs, jobs, jobs. They could have, and should have, done more.



  5. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I have to apologize for saying the money was not “paid for” as in fact it seems to have been.

    Apparently those who count on food stamps will have their budget seriously cut to help balance the budget.

    Democrats always let the underdog suffer so they can pay off their union friends.

    Nice. And you support that, eh.

    Bush Bash (1) Do I assume some Democrats voted for that?

    Money allocated to union friends will not be there next year. You going to fire them again?

    Are you expecting the economy to recover by then?

    My opinion, learn to survive on what you got. Democrats in this state are “Tax and Spend” sick. Got to take some economic medicine.

    You “it’s for the children” is lame.

    The Democratic could be better? Actually, it could not be worse. Your hero, Harry Reid, is driving this country into a 2nd class economy. Already the Japanese and Chinese are surpassing us.

    If congress is doing such a lousy job with the economy, why would you want Harry Reid back. Makes no sense.



  6. Bill Manzi says:


    Pointing to class sizes going up is not a mindless mantra of “its for the children.” I recognize the economic realities involved, even if the public sector unions do not. In my opinion a more honest reply from you would be “yes class sizes will go up, but that is all we can afford in the current system.” Harry Reid and the Democrats could have done better. But lets face facts. It is not “Bush bashing” to point out that they inherited a huge mess. That is just a fact. And Jules Harry Reid has stopped being the issue in Nevada. He is deeply unpopular. The plain fact is that had the Republicans nominated a mainstream candidate (i.e. not a nut) Reid would be toast. That is true whether you want to admit it or not.



  7. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Huge mess history includes Jimmy Carter, Freddie, Fanny, Chris Dod, Barney Frank ACORN and the majesty himself, Barack Obama.

    Oh, just to remind you, the Democrats were in the majority during the last two years of his administration. That did not seem to save the day.


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