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Massachusetts Shut Out at Credit Window

The State of Massachusetts, looking to borrow money to make a local aid payment, found itself unable to borrow sufficient funds on the open market to do so, forcing the Treasurer to utilize State funds to make up the balance … Continue reading

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Palin and McCain on Pakistan

John McCain and Sarah Palin back with Katie Couric, trying to explain the contradiction between the McCain criticism of Obama for publicly stating he would launch cross border attacks on terrorists into Pakistan, and Governor Palin’s expressed support for that … Continue reading

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Mass delegation and the vote

The Massachusetts Congressional delegation had three members who voted against the bailout bill. According to WBZ those three were Steve Lynch, Bill Delahunt, and John Tierney. All other members, including Fifth Congressional Rep. Niki Tsongas, voted in favor. The entire … Continue reading

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Republican Rep Darrell Issa Condemns Treasury, Fed

Conservative Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, a no vote on the Bush bailout package, appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews today and said, amongst other things, that the “mismanagement of the Fed and the Treasury had gone on for “months and … Continue reading

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And the Recriminations Fly!

The defeat of the Bush bailout plan brought charge and counter-charge between the Republican and Democratic leaders of the House. 133 Republicans and 95 Democrats rejected the bill, with Republicans charging that a “partisan” speech by Speaker Pelosi before the … Continue reading

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House Defeats Bailout Bill

In a stunning rebuke to the Congressional leadership and the President the House of Representatives today voted down the bailout bill by a 228-205 margin. Where we go from here is anybody’s guess, but this is a huge development. I … Continue reading

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The Debate ad wars McCain style

The John McCain debate ad, criticizing Obama for agreeing with him so much.

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Campaigns trade debate ads

The Obama ad hitting McCain on his tax plan, and a lack of focus on the middle class during the debate.

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SNL Strikes Again

Yes more fun with Couric and Palin.

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Bailout Deal appears set

A tentative deal appears to have been reached on a bailout of the banking system, with the Administration appearing with the Congressional leadership to announce that negotiations had succeeded. With agreement principles in hand the fine print must now be … Continue reading

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