Baker Internal Poll Has Patrick Leading

Charlie Baker released an internal campaign poll that had Deval Patrick leading Baker by a 39% to 32% margin, with Tim Cahill polling at 17%. Baker’s poll, by Public Opinion Strategies, highlighted some of the negative numbers that Governor Patrick has been carrying. From the State House News Service:

The poll also found 36 percent of voters believe Patrick deserves reelection and 59 percent believe it’s time for a new person to be elected governor, while 80 percent believe the economy is not getting better and 57 percent believe the state is off on the wrong track. In his “bottom line” findings, Newhouse wrote in his memo to the Baker team: “Despite being a first time candidate who was not that well-known coming into the race, Charlie Baker is clearly closing the gap in this race as Massachusetts voters continue to have doubts about Deval Patrick. Baker is picking up support not only among Independents, but among those voters who say the state is on the wrong track. He is gradually becoming the ‘go-to’ candidate for change’ in the state.

Good spin for Baker, but the gap has been very resilient, and Deval Patrick has yet to be up with paid media. In the money race the July numbers were Governor Patrick at $287,000, Charlie Baker at $260,000 and Tim Cahill with $26,000. Total cash on hand: Tim Cahill $2.8 million, Charlie Baker $2.3 million, Deval Patrick $1.2 million. Patrick’s fundraising has begun to pick up, and Tim Murray has a bunch of money in the bank as well. But it is still hard to explain how the Governor is this far behind in cash on hand. Labor day is right around the corner and that means all the candidates will be stepping it up a notch.

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