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Portsmouth Hospital Comes to Seabrook

The Board of Selectmen welcomed Portsmouth Regional Hospital to Seabrook this week to announce the placement of a full service Emergency Room in Seabrook, in partnership with Waterstone Development. This is a terrific development for Seabrook, bringing vital medical services … Continue reading

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Details Matter in Governing- Brexit Edition

With the victory in Great Britain of the “Leave” campaign there has been continuing debate, amongst citizens, politicians and economists about what the ramifications are, writ large, for the country. Obviously there is some strong disagreement on that issue, with … Continue reading

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A Look at “After Hitler” by Michael Jones

After Hitler: The Last Days of World War Two in Europe by Michael Jones My rating: 3 of 5 stars A nice summer read that adds to the historical record surrounding WWII. In much of the history written we seem … Continue reading

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The Seabrook New Hampshire Water Restriction Ordinance

  I have attached the Seabrook Water Restriction ordinance passed by the Board of Selectmen on July 7, 2016. (The text is also below) The ordinance was necessitated by severe drought conditions, as well as by a winter that did … Continue reading

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The Electoral Map-2016

With the two major Party conventions coming up I thought it was time to get out the first electoral map of the 2016 season. Important to note: I am a Democrat, but I will call them as I see them … Continue reading

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All the Way- LBJ and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

HBO has recently released a version of “All the Way,” the movie version of the Broadway play with Bryan Cranston, who also starred in the movie. Cranston was superb in both, bringing Lyndon Baines Johnson to life in a fascinating … Continue reading

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The Pension Problem in the States

JP Morgan took a look, back in May, at some metrics with regards to state pension and OPEB liabilities, called “ARC and the Covenants 2.0.” An interesting exercise, with some key data across all 50 states, with a highlight on … Continue reading

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