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Clinton Achieves a Draw

A key debate, especially from the perspective of Senator Hillary Clinton, while testy at times, offered no knockout punch by either candidate. With Senator Obama leading and pulling away in some polls this debate was vital for Senator Clinton. An … Continue reading

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Sullivan Employs Twinkie Defense

Lawrence Mayor Michael Sullivan, responding to earlier comments made by me with regard to a weight loss competition between us, has now insulted my fondness for one of America’s finest snack foods, the Twinkie. In some impertinent comments at the … Continue reading

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Methuen Girls Basketballers make a difference

The entire City of Methuen is proud of the Methuen High Girls Basketball team, who just returned from Mississippi, where they helped to rebuild a community ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Congratulations to Methuen High coach Karen McLaughlin, who spearheaded the … Continue reading

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Nader Enters and Rationalizes Error

Yes, the man whose ego may be the largest in the nation, Ralph Nader, has entered the Presidential race as an independent. Although I did not watch his appearance on Meet the Press I have posted a clip of Ralph … Continue reading

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Texas Wind

Yesterdays New York Times had an interesting article on the growth in wind power generation in Texas. Yes, that bastion of oil Texas is now the biggest generator of wind power in the United States. Texas, once the oil capital … Continue reading

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The Mike Sullivan challenge

As some of you know the Latitude Sports Club is having the Merrimack Valley’s biggest loser competition, where weight loss is the game. This event, sponsored in part by the Valley Patriot, had Tom Duggan promoting it on WCAP when … Continue reading

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2007 Annual Community Development Report

I am posting the 2007 Community Development annual report of the City of Methuen. 2007 Planning Department Report

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Regulatory Relief Task Force

I am posting the report of the Regulatory Relief Task Force that I put together last year to study (and recommend change to) the regulatory burden that Methuen government imposes on business and citizen. Please give me your feedback on … Continue reading

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The Obama Tide

Senator Barack Obama continued his winning ways yesterday, producing big wins in the Hawaii caucus as well as the Wisconsin primary. Obama has now won ten consecutive contests and has built a real head of steam heading into the Ohio … Continue reading

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Florida and Michigan

As the Democratic Party approaches a situation where neither candidate for President may have the number of delegates needed to win the nomination the fate of the delegations from Florida and Michigan has taken center stage. With both states being … Continue reading

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