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Republican Establishment Elites Pick on Sarah

The Republican establishment elites continue their assault on Sarah Palin, with rocket fire coming from Joe Scarborough, Peggy Noonan, and Charles Krauthammer. And Palin’s response, that she is as gifted as Ronald Reagan, who after all was only an actor, … Continue reading

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Methuen's Health Deficit Borrowing Bill

I have filed, and Methuen City Council has passed, a bill allowing borrowing for a deficit in our health care account for the last fiscal year. The Tribune wrote an editorial on it yesterday. There are some important points to … Continue reading

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The Specter of Lieberman

Interesting story in Politico talking about the political future of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. I think they have caught this one dead on, as Lieberman now lives in political no mans land, with Democrats loathing him and Republicans looking for … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jules Gordon

Yes, that is correct. That loquacious poster of conservative ideas, who is always there to pound some sense into me, has a birthday today. Happy Birthday Jules. Now on to verbal battle!

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Palin Inc.

Sarah Palin is front and center (again), being featured in this weeks New York Times magazine as well as being the subject of the latest Frank Rich column. Rich does, as you might expect, beat her up, but he also … Continue reading

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Bowles and Simpson Take on Critics

Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson took a turn on “Morning Joe”, defending their deficit proposal and speculating that they may in fact be close to gathering 14 votes for their plan on the Commission they co-chair. One of the interesting … Continue reading

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The President on START

The President used his weekly remarks to talk about the stalled “START” treaty with Russia. The President, despite being rebuffed by chief Republican negotiator John Kyl, is pressing for a vote by the lame duck Senate, where he will need … Continue reading

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