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Republican Rumble in California

Senator John Mccain and Mitt Romney engaged in a real barn-burner of a debate, with both engaging in charge and counter-charge over who is the real conservative and dealing with some real specifics. McCain charged Romney with raising taxes disguised … Continue reading

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Edwards to drop out of Race

Reuters is reporting that John Edwards will drop out of the Democratic Presidential race in a speech in New Orleans today at 1:00. There is no word of a potential endorsement, but my money is on Obama receiving that ultimately. … Continue reading

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Guiliani to drop out, endorse McCain

NBC News is reporting that Rudy Guiliani, the former Republican frontrunner, will drop out of the Republican Presidential race and endorse John McCain in California on Wednesday. It is a nice pickup for McCain, and reflects the real disdain the … Continue reading

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McCain in big Florida Win

Senator John McCain tonight won the Florida primary, giving himself a strong boost before Super Tuesday and in all likelihood winnowing this to a two man race between himself and Mitt Romney. With 74% of precincts reporting the numbers look … Continue reading

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Methuen Unveils on-line permitting

I am happy to announce that our on line permitting system is now active. The new technology streamlines the process of submitting building, plumbing, gas, and electrical permits to Inspectional Services. Residents and contractors can visit and click on … Continue reading

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Kennedy Endorsement Video

I have put up the video of today’s Barack Obama endorsement by Caroline Kennedy and Ted Kennedy. A nice coup for Barack Obama.

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Ogonowski to challenge Kerry

In an announcement that had been expected Republican Jim Ogonowski announced he will run against Senator John Kerry. Ogonowski, who outperformed expectations in his Fifth Congressional run against Niki Tsongas, will run on issues he highlighted in that race, including … Continue reading

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Ted Kennedy to Endorse Obama

The Boston Globe is reporting that Senator Ted Kennedy will endorse Barack Obama tommorow, joining Caroline Kennedy and Senator Obama at American University in Washington to formalize the endorsement. This is a significant endorsement for Obama, as Ted Kennedy brings … Continue reading

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Obama Wins South Carolina Big

Barack Obama won the South Carolina primary in convincing fashion tonight. The election, tinged with bitterness, puts Obama back on the winning trail after consecutive losses in New Hampshire and Nevada. The election sharpened the attention on race, and Obama … Continue reading

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The Dracut Methuen Inter-Municipal Agreement

Methuen has concluded a major agreement on sewer infrastructure with the Town of Dracut that will bring enormous benefit to Methuen, as well as Dracut. In summary the highlights of this agreement are as follows. 1) Dracut will construct infrastructure … Continue reading

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