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China Leading in Going Green

For all those who have mocked the concept of investing in renewable energy I refer you to the story in today’s New York Times detailing the huge lead China is building in manufacturing in this critical area. The Chinese are … Continue reading

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The President Visits the Republican Caucus

An interesting exchange of ideas between the President and the House Republican caucus. The President deserves great credit for doing this, and the Republican leadership deserves credit for inviting him. Both sides saw the chance for some political gain, but … Continue reading

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The President on Deficits

The President used his weekly address to deal with federal government deficits, and some steps he now advocates to help deal with this burgeoning problem. The President highlighted a spending freeze, as well as calling for a bipartisan “deficit commission”. … Continue reading

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Scott Brown on Leno

Scott Brown mania persists, with the Senator-elect doing a bit on the Jay Leno show. The Senator seems to have as much energy as he did in the campaign, making the rounds in Massachusetts and nationally, and really hitting the … Continue reading

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The State of the Union

President Obama delivered the State of the Union last night, and he moved the agenda to job creation and the economy, removing his focus on health care reform. He also candidly acknowledged error, but challenged both parties to focus on … Continue reading

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Governor Patrick Files FY 2011 Budget

Governor Deval Patrick has filed the FY 2011 budget. His full budget message is below. To the People of Massachusetts: Lieutenant Governor Murray and I are proud to file our budget recommendations for fiscal year 2011. This budget reflects our … Continue reading

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Live Chat the Presidents State of the Union

I will be a panelist tonight as the Eagle Tribune hosts an online chat during President Obama’s State of the Union speech. Join us at the Eagle Tribune website. We are scheduled to begin at 8:45 p.m.

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Deficit Commission Rejected

The U.S. Senate yesterday rejected a proposal that would have created a bi-partisan “Deficit Commission”, which would have had the authority to make recommendations that Congress would have been forced to vote up or down, with no amendments. The proposal, … Continue reading

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President Obama and the Left

With the potential collapse of health care reform President Obama has begun to take some withering fire from the left wing base of the Democratic Party. The complaints are multifold but boil down to the President paying too little heed … Continue reading

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What Ails Democrats?

With the Coakley loss there will be plenty of post election analysis done on why she lost, and whether that loss should lead to a re-evaluation of Democratic Party strategies and policy goals. Two interesting columns, one by Senator Steve … Continue reading

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