Iowa Poll: Good News for Bachmann

A new survey by the Des Moines Register shows Mitt Romney leading the pack in Iowa, with Michelle Bachmann in a statistical dead heat with Romney for the lead. Romney is polling at 23%, Bachmann at 22%, and Herman Cain is running third at 10%. Meanwhile some of the bigger names are way behind, with Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul tied at 7%, Tim Pawlenty is at 6%, Rick Santorum at 4%, and Jon Huntsman has surged to 2%.

The poll continues the good news for Bachmann, who will be spending more time and resources in Iowa in the next month. It is early, but the results have to be alarming for Pawlenty, who finds himself in a real bad spot with these numbers. He has been spending time and money here, and these results show that so far he has been an underwhelming candidate. And speaking of underwhelming the Huntsman number, even though he is not competing here, should be a sign of things to come for him. His drive to crack 4% continues.

The poll appears to leave open a preference for a new candidate: (From the Register)

Indeed, results indicate Iowa Republicans would be receptive to additional candidates in the race. Just 14 percent of likely Republican caucusgoers say their minds are made up about their choice in the presidential race. Another 14 percent don’t have a first choice yet. Sixty-nine percent say they could be persuaded to support a candidate other than their first choice.

So Governor Rick Perry will continue with his flirtation, but the clock is ticking, with the best potential alternative to Romney appearing to be Michelle Bachmann. The Politico story is here.

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5 Responses to Iowa Poll: Good News for Bachmann

  1. jules gordon says:

    Ya know, your Honor, you are not running a “fair and balanced” blog here, considering it’s a lefty blog.

    I noticed a considerable absence of OBAMA news and to be honest with you, with his ratings in the tank, and his ineptness showing brightly, I don’t blame you.

    But, it’s nice to know the economy is growing (less than 2%) and he is working with a third tier economic team (who the lead economist right now?) we will be out of the doldrums in 2050.

    Actually, since he is in full campaign mode, and he is tapping all the fat cats he blamed for the recession, you should be reporting his progress as well.

    Wait, are you planning a party shift? I welcome you if you do. Will they kick you off the lefty blog. Let me know. I’ll get you a subscription to the Herald and Fox news.

    with expectation, Jules



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    With no Democrat running against him all the fun for political folks is occurring on the Republican side. And my last few posts have looked at the politics from the Republican side, without regard to ideology. Aside from Huntsman I think I have treated all very well. I posted on Obama’s Afghan policy, and join with Dems and Republicans as a critic.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Your reporting on the Republican candidates is of high quality journalistic in nature, but it’s too early. Lots more candidates available. I expect shifting sands here.

    My point is that Obama is in full campaign mode including political decisions intended to support election timing, a morally horrid decision.



  4. Bill Manzi says:


    The natural advantages of incumbency. But incumbency has some disadvantages as well, which the Republicans will show you as they squeeze the President on the debt ceiling issue. I do agree that it is very early, but I think that the Republican race is still fascinating, even early in the process.



  5. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    It IS fascinating. The field needs winnowing out.

    For me Romney and Huntsman are out.



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