Halperin Suspended

Mark Halperin, political analyst for Time Magazine as well as MSNBC, was suspended indefinitely today by the network for calling President Obama a “dick” on the Morning Joe show. I happened to be watching the show when Halperin made the comment, and although it was inappropriate I, as a Democrat, was not jeeped up about it. Halperin was goaded by Scarborough, although it was clear that he believed the President’s tone at the press conference deserved some criticism. I took his comment to be a criticism of the press conference tenor of the President rather than blanket name calling. On that basis a short suspension is more than enough punishment, and people ought to get over it. My strong opposition to foul language is well known, but this ought to be laughed off. Lets move on. My only question is whether MSNBC would have suspended Halperin if he called the President a “weiner”?


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1 Response to Halperin Suspended

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    MSNBC is the public relation division of the DNC.

    Halperin’s offense: Insulting a deity.

    Otherwise I agree with your post.



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