Trial in Boston? Maybe Not

I have resisted (up to now) the desire to post on the capture of James Bulger, although I admit to being as fascinated with the story as everyone else appears to be. The Bulger capture and the hyper media coverage surrounding his return to “face justice” in Boston, with all media outlets and anyone within shouting distance of a microphone calling him guilty of all manner of heinous crimes, has to seriously call into question whether any jury could be empaneled in Boston that would not have been polluted by the pre-trial publicity. The impending change of venue motion should consume more than a few months. And what is the deal with the government position that Bulger is not indigent? I recognize (and believe) that Bulger may have hidden assets. But if the goal is to get a trial before multiple years elapse then the Government should use other means to try to find those hidden assets. After all any additional monies uncovered will be seized, leaving him indigent in the end anyway. The media circus will be big business for many, but it will not help to convict James Bulger of anything. It may help him delay long enough to make one last,final escape from justice.

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