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Jobs Jobs Jobs

Today’s Globe has an editorial promoting the idea of tax incentives for private industry that would promote job creation. And yesterdays New York Times featured a piece by Paul Krugman calling for further federal spending to promote job creation. With … Continue reading

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The President on the Economy

President Obama talks again about the economy. With the job situation remaining bleak the stimulus package has been subjected to renewed criticism from Republicans, as job losses continue to mount. And the President is no doubt hearing the foot steps … Continue reading

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AIG Takes the Heat

The announcement of bonuses at AIG has triggered a firestorm of protest, and brought a strong condemnation from President Obama. From the Wall Street Journal; “This is a corporation that finds itself in financial distress due to recklessness and greed,” … Continue reading

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Governor Mark Sanford and the Stimulus

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has become embroiled in an increasingly testy dispute with the Obama Administration and other elected officials from South Carolina over his potential refusal of federal stimulus money. Sanford’s latest effort, an attempt to get the … Continue reading

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Conference Reaches Agreement

A House-Senate Conference Committee tonight reached final agreement on a stimulus package. The bill agreed to would be valued at $789 billion, and details did remain somewhat sketchy. The New York Times is reporting some details: Despite intense lobbying by … Continue reading

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Obama Pitches the Stimulus

President Barack Obama held his first press conference, dealing primarily with the stimulus package due to be voted on in the Senate today. He spoke of some of the real problems that folks outside of Washington are facing, and will … Continue reading

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Florida Governor Charlie Crist to Join Obama

As President Obama travels to Florida tommorow to pitch the economoic stimulus package he will be introduced at a town hall style meeting by Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Republican. Crist issued a statement: “Florida has taken prudent steps to cut … Continue reading

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Krugman’s Initial Analysis, and This Week

New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has weighed in on his blog this morning on the Senate version of the stimulus. He takes dead aim at the “centrist” compromise that would tear out aid to … Continue reading

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The President’s Weekly Radio Address

The President talks about the stimulus package, and the jobless figures that arrived yesterday. He praises the bipartisan group of centrists that appear to have reached consensus on a stimulus package, and highlights some of the massive problems in states … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Battle on Stimulus

The “This Week” program had an interesting group of panelists debating the merits of the stimulus package being pushed through Congress. Senator Jim DeMint and Rep. Barney Frank had a pretty good go round on it, with Frank pretty much … Continue reading

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