The President on the Economy

President Obama talks again about the economy. With the job situation remaining bleak the stimulus package has been subjected to renewed criticism from Republicans, as job losses continue to mount. And the President is no doubt hearing the foot steps on the deficit, which he speaks to as well. As the stimulus winds its way through the economy some observations.

1) The pace of spending is not what was envisioned when the bill was passed. The money is going out too slowly.

2) The job creation portion of the stimulus needed to be a larger portion of the overall bill. And that should have contained greater sums for rebuilding existing infrastructure as well as building new infrastructure, especially in the energy and mass transit areas.

3) There needed to be greater balance in giving cities aid to offset the downturn between the education sector and standard city side operations. The education piece was great, but there was nothing for job retention for police and fire. I know that there is some grant funding still coming down the pipeline, but it should have been in place already.

Those are some thoughts on the stimulus bill as it stands today. What do you think?

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6 Responses to The President on the Economy

  1. Bob LeBlanc says:

    Well Mr Mayor, if the federal stimulus program had followed traditional and proven avenues there would not have been a sales tax increase in Massachusetts.

    The federal money should have been used to fund the gap in existing capital and non renewable programs not as an off budget grab bag for the Governor.

    FDR got it right when he designed programs to actually build buildings. promote the arts and help the workers ,not the shirkers ,in our society.

    I wish the Legislature had been more proactive in taking control of this new federal spending.

    From my perspective on the WIB Board it is discouraging to find that this money is not being spent on folks who have been working for years and got laid off or their children.

    The money goes to enhance the same old programs designed for those on the perpetual dole. Quite frankly the government and program folks like it just the way it is.

    Why is it so un-American to provide help folks who are on the ropes now but have been working and paying taxes for many years?

    On balance you have done a remarkable job sustaining municpal services without raising the property tax this year.

    If I got the numbers right you will be able to pay Methuen’s share of renovated high school cost without a Prop 2 1/2 override.

    Only the School Superintendant endangers your goals in this regard.

    Other Mayors should look to Methuen!

    But quite frankly Methuen will not get rewarded by the Patrick administration, I fear ,for sound financial managment.

    Those who spend and waste get rewarded by those who talk about reform ,but do not deliver on real and transformational reform.

    What sense does it make to raise taxes when folks are worried about just holding on?

    Why was it so difficult for the Patrick administration to negotiate with public employee unions as you did in Methuen. Was it just too tough a job for this administration?

    Why is stymulus money being used for social serice programs to enhance operational expenses when that spending cannot be sustained once the federal money goes away?

    The great inequity in Methuen is the fact that police,fire,secretaries and laborers on the non-educational side have sacrificed with actual pay and benefit cuts, but the school side employees are getting raises.

    Of course the trend was set when the superintendant got a premature pay raise and contract extension from the Kazangian-Henrick coalition.

    As you know very well Methuen needs to really address long term financial issues. Leadership for responsible financial managment of the schools needs to be addressed.

    A Charter change which should be brought before the voters this year Mr Mayor is for an appointed by the Mayor with confimrmation by the Council SCHOOL COMMITTEE and a school by school parent advisory committee.

    Put the parents and taxpayers back in charge of responsible education systems !


  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Bob’s entry seems thoughtful and measured. He even had good words from you that most of you blog population agree with.

    One idea that may have benefit to you would be to write a book how you successfully navigated the political and fiscal waters of our depression storm to bring the city to home dock without raising taxes.

    All that Obama stuff in the video is BS. Lots of I’s lots of “everything is ok”.

    This guy spins so fast he needs a heat shield.

    He’s got to stop apologizing. Jeeze, he even apologized for us starting global warming.



  3. Gerard Donahue says: —>Republic Response to Presidents address given by Rep Eric Cantor (R-VA) House Minority Whip.

    I totally agree with Bob and Jules



  4. LDone says:

    Your Honor —

    There’s one very important thing about Bob LeBlanc that people do not realize. Not only is he intelligent, but he was born with an abundant amount of common sense. That is so unusual in holders of public office. I agree with mot of what he said, but one thought really sticks out — Bob said:

    “If I got the numbers right, you will be able to pay Methuen’s share of renovated high school cost without a Prop 2 1/2 override.
    Only the School Superintendent ENDANGERS your goals in this regard.”

    Bob LeBlanc is correct, Mayor Manzi. The superintendent is pulling you down into the proverbial black hole. (And it’s extremely sad to watch.)


  5. Summer says:

    I agree the Mayor has done a yeomens job of keeping the tax rate down while making sure no one got laid off on the the municipal side of the budget. As usual Leblanc gives a compliment with one hand and then chastises with the other as well as promoting his own agenda for charter reform. Not everyone agrees there is a need for charter change beyond extending the Mayoral term from two to four years.

    NONE of the techers in the Merrimack Valley agreed to freezes and/or roll backs. This was a decided tactic on the part of all the teachers unions. I hope the Superintendent continues to enjoy driving her Mercedes to work while laying off some employees and giving raises to others. She is not working in the best interests of the children. Had she shown the same leadership as the Mayor maybe the unions would have agreed. We will never know.


  6. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    The President just announced the unemployment will continue to climb. He gave the announcement during the Supreme Court candidate hearings.



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