Superintendents Award to Jessica Lucey

Congratulations to Jessica Lucey, one of the winners of the Superintendents Award this month. Jessica has a 4.45 GPA and ranks first in her class at Methuen High School. The write up by the staff at Methuen High School says plenty about her excellence as a well rounded student.

The quiet, shy young lady whose sole focus was her academic success has achieved not only her original goal of being number one in her class, but so much more these past four years. Jessica Lucey is the consummate student,respected by all for her academic endeavors. I admire her humility and integrity but it is her work ethic, drive for success, and love of the simple things in life that I respect her for the most. Academically Jessica has engaged in the most rigorous program available to her and done extremely well as indicated on her transcript. What is hidden behind these grades is her passion for learning, love of conversation, discussion and debate in the classroom. Jessica was recognized by the College Board as an AP Scholar for receiving a 4 on her U.S. history exam and a 5 on both the AP Language and Composition and Psychology exams last year. She is one of the most humble students I have met and yet highly competitive, something she is both well known and respected for by her peers. Jessica is able to combine her serious approach to her academics with a dry but excellent sense of humor.

Outside of the classroom Jessica has been active in several clubs and activities while at Methuen High School, but it is her role in the Independent Theatre Club that I would like to comment on. Independent Theatre Club or ITC is exactly what it sounds like: it is run completely by students. They write,direct, perform,build the sets,and manage the stage; there is no faculty involvement at all. Jessica became the director in her sophomore year, a position she has held for three years and for the last two years she has also served as president. I believe this experience has helped Jessica grow from the shy freshman whose only focus was academics into the confident, outgoing and personable young woman she is today.

Intelligent, dedicated, independent, and passionate are all wonderful descriptors of Jessica Lucey. She possesses unflagging academic talents and is the quintessential student whose future is very bright. She currently has a GPA of 4.45. She has been accepted to NYU, Simmons and Stoneybrook (received their Dean’s List scholarship). She is waiting to hear from Harvard, University of Chicago, U Penn, McAllister College. She will be studying English and Psychology.

Jessica Lucey wins the Superintendents Award

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