Angle Returns to the Field

Yes indeed Sharron Angle is returning to do electoral battle in Nevada, announcing that she will run for the Republican nomination in the Second Congressional. That seat is being vacated by Republican Dean Heller, who is running for the Nevada Senate seat being vacated by John Ensign. While there appears to be some relief in Republican circles about Angle not running for the open Senate seat her candidacy for Congress seems to have Republicans squirming. Angle, who appears to be the only Republican in Nevada incapable of beating Harry Reid in the last cycle, is poised to take on Republican Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki for the nomination. Angle has run for this seat before, having lost the Republican nomination to Heller in 2006. Politico cites a recent poll as having Angle down by 34 points to Krolicki in a head to head matchup. It is great to have Sharron Angle back. We can only hope that she is able to erase that Krolicki lead and win the Republican nomination. In the Nevada 2nd an Angle primary win is the best hope the Democrats have.

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1 Response to Angle Returns to the Field

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    What if she has learned her lessons and does an unexpected thing and WINs?



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