Treasurers Debate in Methuen

The last debate between Republican Karyn Polito and Democrat Steve Grossman took place yesterday at the WCCM studios in Methuen. The debate, as in past debates between these two, were hard hitting, with plenty of back and forth on the negatives and some discussion of substance. Polito has been caught up in a controversy about her and her supporters seemingly having access to the best and lowest numbers of the Registry issued Red Sox plates, and Grossman scored her on that during the debate. She also took a hit from Fox News on the issue last night. This race has tightened considerably, with Polito closing a ten point gap in the polls and essentially pulling even. In a standard political year this race would be an easy win for Steve Grossman. This is not a standard political year. The late controversy on the license plates, while not a terribly big deal, cuts against the Polito claim that she is the “political outsider” in this race. I will post the Treasurers debate in podcast form shortly. Congratulations to the “Politically Active” crew for scoring the last debate in the Treasurers Race right here in Methuen.

Read the Tribune story on the debate here.

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1 Response to Treasurers Debate in Methuen

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Is this the great ‘Vanity Plate’ scandal. This is news? Say it ain’t so.

    Are the issues all resolved?

    Dumb, dumb, dumb and dumb.



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