Why Did Meg Whitman Move to California?

In two key races in the State of California Democrats appear to be returning home, with Jerry Brown widening his lead over Meg Whitman to 8 points in the latest Suffolk survey. (Yes Paleologos is in California too.) Suffolk’s survey has Barbara Boxer breaking away from Carly Fiorina, leading 52% to 43% in a race that was very close up to this point. The Senate numbers are a blow to Republicans hoping to knock out a liberal member of the US Senate in Boxer who appeared vulnerable this year. I would not call the California Senate race a “key” race in determining control in the next session as Democrats should hold here. But it seems to me that the Republicans would have been better off if the election (nationwide) was held last week. Races have tightened in areas where Republicans seemed poised for wins, including here and PA. And now on to Jerry Brown.

Brown is poised for a huge political comeback, with all numbers showing his lead widening. And I have attached the latest and best Jerry Brown ad, jumping on Meg Whitman’s admission that “30 years ago anything seemed possible in California.” I guess she didn’t know that Jerry Brown was Governor 30 years ago. And Brown has pinned Whitman hard in an ad showing Whitman appearing to parrot the words of unpopular Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Another home run for Jerry Brown. Goodnight Meg Whitman. $130 million apparently was not enough.

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