Jessica Raney Lucey is the October SOAR Award Winner

Congratulations to Jessica Raney Lucey, the October SOAR Award winner. Jessica is first in her class at Methuen High School, and as the below narrative shows she is not only a great student, but a wonderful role model as well. Congratulations Jessica.

“Allow us, the proud members of the English Department, to formally introduce you to our most outstanding SOAR Award recipient. A composite of elements of the gods, Jessica reigns supreme. According to Greek mythology, there existed nine Muses, deities of inspiration and creation who furnished artists, philosophers, and individuals with ideas extraordinaire. Calliope was the chief of the Muses, whose symbol was the writing tablet. Clio, the protector, was the patron of history. Euterpe, the Muse of lyric poetry, was in charge of joy and pleasure. Melpomene, the Muse of tragedy, invented rhetorical speech. Terpsichore, the Whirling Muse who was the one dancing and frolicking about, invented education. All of these characteristics are surely embodied in Jessica Lucey, whose outstanding qualities are reflected in her remarkable scores, contributions, and impressive joie de vivre.
Her freshman teacher Mr. Bellistri offers: “Jessica is a dynamic, savvy and enthusiastic student whose natural brilliance is on continuous display. Perhaps, most importantly, however, is that hidden beneath the awards and high honors is a young woman of character and compassion who is certain to leave MHS a better place than when she entered it.”
Junior AP teacher Lisa Golobski-Twomey assesses: “Jessica is an incredibly strong reader and writer who understands written and spoken texts to be of the ‘purest form of self-expression.’” A young woman demonstrating a maturity beyond her years, Jessica devotes her energy to developing her reading and writing abilities in order to articulate philosophical ideals, poignant thoughts and creative stories. I have come to regard Jessica, not as a student, but as a fellow lover of literature who understands the power of language.”
Sophomore teacher Ann Marie Krusell remarks: “In Jessica Lucey one will find the sine qua non who elevates everyone she encounters to a higher and more sophisticated level. Her interest in and enthusiasm for English is unbridled. Indeed, we may have the actual tenth Muse among us. Jessica, we salute you!”

Jessica Lucey Wins October 2010 SOAR Award

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