Methuen State Rep Debate

The Methuen State Rep debate occurred at the Eagle Tribune news room, and it was a lively one, with real disagreements, in particular between Linda Dean Campbell and Al Dinuccio. Dinuccio continued his defense of the Lawrence bill, allowing that City to deficit borrow up to $35 million, while Campbell and Hector Montalvo and Phil Lahey all spoke against that bill. A sharp clash came on the prevailing wage law, which Al Dinuccio favors eliminating, especially in the context of the police flagman bill. Good debate, with the issues coming into sharp focus.

Read the Tribune story here.

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1 Response to Methuen State Rep Debate

  1. Bob LeBlanc says:

    THE TRUTH IS..that the state did NOT lend Lawrence one thin dime ! What Rep Campbell voted against was a bill which allowed Lawrence to float a $35 million dollar loan..gave Lawrence a year to straighten out its finances..put in place an overseer of its finances AND if that approach failed would then put Lawrence into Receivership…the very action Rep Campbell advocates.No One..not the Tribune nor any state official advocated Receivership UNTIL a Latino won the office of Mayor. WHY PRAY TELL !!


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