Back to Nevada

One of the toughest and most expensive Senate races in the country is still too close to call, with Sharron Angle ahead by three points in the latest Rasmussen poll. The last time we visited David Paleologos and Suffolk had Harry Reid holding a slight edge. Both sides are pulling out all the stops, and this is one of the races that will determine which Party controls the Senate. Rasmussen has this race as a toss-up, with the more effective ground game likely to eke out a victory. Angle is closing with a full scale assault on Reid over illegal immigration. She is putting a world of hurt on Reid on the issue, and her polling must show it as effective as she has been relentless. But the backlash against her ads amongst Hispanics has been palpable, with outrage growing within that community. Angle was forced to defend the ad campaign with a group of hispanic students, saying that the menacing looking folks depicted were not necessarily hispanic, as the students themselves could be taken for asians. Yes that right. She said that. Here are the latest ads, with Angle still hammering away on immigration. You can see the streams of Asians crossing illegally at the Mexican border. (sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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