Chris Christie Rides In to Massachusetts

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rides into Massachusetts Sunday to campaign for Charlie Baker. Christie has been touring the country campaigning for Republicans, creating some political chits for the future. And his future seems to be very bright, with all sorts of national media attention being paid to him. He has become a semi-regular on Morning Joe, and has attracted vast attention for his decision to scuttle the New Jersey-New York harbor tunnel. Governor Christie has battled the Teachers Unions in New Jersey in a vocal way, and has been unafraid to do so vocally. Yes he is a Republican and I am a Democrat, but he has been primarily correct on the stances he has taken on the budget.

His decision to scuttle the New Jersey to New York Harbor tunnel has sparked some fierce criticism, including a throwdown by Paul Krugman, and a response to Krugman by David Brooks. Krugman is right about the need for the project, but he is wrong to say that the finances need not be in order before the decision to authorize the project moves forward. Brooks response was devastating, pointing out that spending on gold plated benefits for public sector unions is crowding out all other spending, and that hard choices need to be made. We are not good at making hard choices!

Here is the Krugman op-ed on the Tunnel cancellation.

Read the David Brooks column defending the Christie decision here.

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1 Response to Chris Christie Rides In to Massachusetts

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Cristie is a true hero of mine. He tells those blood sucking union thugs where to get off in no uncertain terms. That testicular fortitude does not exist in this state. Don’t you wish you had someone like him to manage this state?

    No BS. No lies. He would give me my real estate tax cut if he promised.

    Charlie Baker would be somewhat like that. More so than the ‘yes we can’ guy you MUST support. He can’t and never has in four years.

    I like you piece above. In it you have been fair and balanced. (I hope the Democratic Party doesn’t fire you ala NPR.)

    Nice job.



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