New Sniping in Governor's Race

The campaign for Governor in Massachusetts reached some new depths today, with former aides to Tim Cahill releasing internal emails that seem to show a connection between the campaign and a new lottery ad campaign. (Treasurer Cahill runs the Massachusetts Lottery). The emails were released as part of the continuing court action brought by Cahill against those former aides. From the Globe:

“Get the Lottery immediately cutting a spot and get it up,” Cahill campaign adviser Dane Strother, wrote to four top campaign aides on July 27, according to emails released as part of a lawsuit Cahill filed against his former aides last week. “Needs to focus on the lottery being the best in the country and above reproach.”

Cahill is downplaying the significance of the emails, but they certainly don’t make his campaign look good. This entire episode has not made anyone look good, but it continues the focus on the Cahill-Baker feud, and takes the heat off the Governor. A slew of new ads are out. Get ready for some real tough assaults in the next couple of weeks. Read the Globe story on the Cahill/Lottery issue here.

The RGA Ad

The Deval Patrick Ad

Cahill Ad

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