Suffolk in Nevada Following the Tea

Suffolk University pollster David Paleologos was in the field in Nevada, and has unveiled numbers showing Harry Reid with a slight lead over Republican (and Tea Party favorite) Sharron Angle. Reid leads Angle by a 45% to 43% margin, with leaners included. Reid was written off as politically dead months ago, but Angle has been hammered relentlessly by Reid on Social Security, Medicare, the VA, and a host of other subjects where Angle has put her foot firmly in her mouth. Reid’s attacks have now driven Angle’s negatives over 50%, a place that Reid himself is very familiar with.

Reid is holding over 80% of Democrats, while Angle holds but 75% of Republicans. Like everywhere else independents are fleeing the Democratic brand, with Angle up by 20% with that group. A wild card in this race is the presence on the ballot of “Tea Party” candidate Scott Ashjian, who is polling at 2%. Ashjian’s presence could be a real problem for Angle in a tight race, as you could safely assume those tea party voters would not be with Harry Reid. Angle herself appears to take the threat seriously, having met with Ashjian to try to move him out of the race. That blew up in her face when Ashjian publicly claimed he was being bullied by Angle.

Tight race that the Republicans should have put in the bank months ago. If Reid pulls it out Republican losses here and Delaware could tip the Senate balance in favor of the Dems.

Read about the Angle- Ashjian meeting here.

The new Suffolk poll.

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2 Responses to Suffolk in Nevada Following the Tea

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Are Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi friends of yours?



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    Never met either one. and as I have said repeatedly if Harry Reid is re-elected you can hang that one on the Nevada Republican primary voters. If they had nominated Sue Lowden this race would already have been counted as a solid Republican win. That, my friend, is not supposition. It is just fact. As far as the Pinocchio video of Angle I think she did indeed say those things and then deny them. Why not take down the cloak and just say what you mean? It would have been easier for her.



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