Barney Frank and Sean Bielat in the Fourth

Barney Frank, facing a real challenge in this difficult year for incumbents, debated his opponent Sean Bielat twice yesterday, mixing it up on housing, don’t ask don’t tell, and on government intervention in the markets. Bielat went right for the jugular, accusing Frank of promoting policies that led to the housing meltdown. From the Herald:

“He supported housing policies that casued the economy to crumble,” said Sean Bielat, who’s running for the 10th congressional district.

Bielat’s point, that Frank forced banks to make loans to uncreditworthy recipients, has been a constant theme for Republicans. Frank obviously denied the charge.

“Home ownership is not the answer for everyone. I fought for more rental housing,” Frank said.

Bielat didn’t hide on Social Security, advocating a hike in the retirement age to right the system. Fair to say that Barney Frank didn’t expect to have to deal with a young wippersnapper that could be within striking distance at this point in his career. Both campaigns are up on TV. Those ads are below.

Read the Herald story here.

Read the Globe story here.

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