Drill Baby Drill- President Forms Commission on BP Oil Spill

President Obama used his weekly talk to announce the formation of a commission to study the massive oil spill unleashed by BP. He announced that Republican Bill Reilly, a former EPA head, and Democrat Bob Graham, the former Governor of FLA, would head the commission. The President announced a series of inspections of offshore oil rigs, and a moratorium on new drilling until the 30 day safety review is complete. The ecological disaster is extensive, and there are many questions regarding the type of relationships federal regulators had with the people and companies they were charged with overseeing. For all those who have been totally dismissive of the potential for offshore oil drilling causing ecological damage this episode should be a wake up call. Unless you believe that environmental terrorists sabotaged the rig, as Rush Limbaugh has suggested.

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1 Response to Drill Baby Drill- President Forms Commission on BP Oil Spill

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    This disaster was preventable, but because the regulators were in bed with those whom they regulate the equipment was allowed to deteriorate as did the drilling practices. Kind of like the financial disaster.

    Please spare me the it was under Republicans rant, as I am fully aware of the history.

    Probably wasn’t helpful that the oil rig won a safety award under the Obama administration.

    It’s a government thing no matter who is in charge.

    Drilling for oil must take place wherever it is found. Drill baby drill.



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