Rand Paul on Defense

Tea Party favorite Rand Paul was a huge winner in the Kentucky Republican Senate primary, trouncing the favored candidate of established Republicans by a wide margin. His victory has been heralded as a rebuke to the political class and a sign of Tea Party strength. But Paul is at heart a Libertarian Republican, and contained within the belief set of real libertarians are some views that tend to be outside the mainstream. His dad, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, has similar beliefs and has gotten into some measure of difficulty even with Republicans over some of those beliefs. It did not take the Democrats long to begin picking at some of the more “controversial” of those positions, including Paul’s libertarian view that private business owners should be free to discriminate as to who they serve. Paul will be hard pressed to talk about his real views because so many different voters, in particular the elderly, would be hurt by his governing philosophy. The Democrats will spend plenty to remind voters of some of those positions. Read the Washington Post story on Paul taking a step back on some positions here. Read the Michael Gerson column warning of the danger to Republicans of the Libertarian strain of their party here. And of course the Dems waste no time in going on the attack. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was up with an internet ad pretty quickly.

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1 Response to Rand Paul on Defense

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Dr Paul is wet behind the ears. A libertarian has a philosophy that confounds the Socialistic Democrat. He will improve with time.

    Just keep in mind, this is also a time of “throw the bums out”. Democrat and Republican Bums.

    It is critical to disassemble this administration and ALL its policies.




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