Breanah O’Handley Wins May Soar Award

Congratulations to Breanah, the May SOAR award winner.

Reason(s) for Recognition:

Breanah is a young woman who has matured greatly from her freshman year. She is a model student, actively involved in all her academic and inclusion classes. Breanah is dedicated to her family, and an individual who is sensitive, caring and friendly. Breanah is a student who excelled within the Graduated Curriculum Program (GCP) and transitioned to all inclusive classes by her senior year. Over the course of the last few years, Breanah wanted to challenge herself academically and took chances and registered for one Inclusion class, increasing these classes by her senior year, which in turn, has become successful for her. She was not only able to maintain consistency in obtaining good grades in all her academic inclusion classes but also past the state mandated MCAS test and will be graduating with her class with honors.. Breanah is a model student for her peers to emulate and is respected by her teachers. Breanah’s character resembles one that exemplifies beautiful values. She is honest, trust worthy, protective of others, thoughtful, kind, considerate and passionate about life. Breanah also demonstrates a diligent work ethic, has a great sense of humor and is resilient in getting tasks accomplished accurately. Breanah was currently involved in the Best Buddies Program. It is a program that helps nurture and foster friendships within the students of the special education and general population of Methuen High School. In her sophomore year, Breanah has had the elite position of The “Best Buddies” Director. She was responsible to communicate with the buddies and the peer buddies and organize handouts to be given and received. In the classroom, Breanah is a leader and an active participant in lessons… She is relentless in her commitment to strive to improve her skills and abilities.
Breanah is conscientious and a responsible family member who seeks to help her family. Breanah has been challenged with obstacles in her life however; she rises up to any occasion to overcome these obstacles as opposed to quitting when situations become tough and overwhelming. She is able to learn from these challenges and is consequently able to assimilate lessons into her own personal experiences. Breanah has a great way of putting things into proper perspective over time and does not allow herself to dwell in areas that can bring her down.
Finally, Breanah welcomes friendships from individuals, regardless of their race or ethnic background. She does not harbor judgment on other individuals. Breanah has a gift to see the hearts of others and embraces them with openness and acceptance. She works hard to see goodness in people. She is an individual who gives of herself to others. What is respectful in this process is her ability to accomplish this with a high degree of dignity and with grace. In closing, Breanah brightens the room whenever she walks into it. She has a smile that is contagious. Her positive attitude, personal character and genuine goodness are virtues and qualities that make this young woman stand out in a crowd.

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