Meg Whitman on the Descent

The California Governor’s race is one that should have it all, and as we get closer the Republican race has begun to heat up. The Democrats have paved the way for former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown to be the nominee with the withdrawal of Gavin Newsome from the race, and Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay looked like a lock for the Republican nomination. But Whitman is, despite her pouring of about $59 million of her own money into the race, has seen a massive lead over Republican opponent Steve Poizner shrink to ten points or less in the last month. And while Poizner hits her from the right Jerry Brown and the Democrats are clubbing her from the left, unleashing their own attack ads. Whitman has received national Republican support from her national political patron Mitt Romney, but seems to be caught in the same “anti-incumbent, anti establishment” undertow that cashiered Utah Senator Robert Bennet . Yes Whitman is not an incumbent, but she has been on the airwaves enough to make people think she is one. She has also been hurt amongst Republicans by Poizner’s strong anti immigration stand. (Poizner supports the new Arizona law, while Whitman has been non-committal) The Democrats appear to be hoping for a Poizner win, figuring him to be easier pickings in the general election. I think they may be right. Should be a great and interesting race in a very key State for Democrats hoping to hold onto the Presidency in 2012.

Read the Huffington Post story here.

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1 Response to Meg Whitman on the Descent

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    It certainly is interesting. The effect of the “tea parties” has been felt. I hope they don’t support an individual which can be used against this new “uprising of voters of all kind”.

    The Republican party of the 2006 congres blew their chances leading to a a Democratic takeover.

    Those Republicans are still there and a weeding is required. Otherwise it will be repeated.

    The entire Congress and Senate needs new blood.



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