President Obama on Health Care Reform

With health care reform one month old the President reviews some of the upfront benefits of the changes, including help for seniors in the “donut hole”, health care tax breaks for small business, a patients bill of rights, and a prohibition on insurance companies dropping people when they get sick. Extended coverage for young adults, who will now be able to stay on their parents health plans until age 26, is moving forward ahead of schedule. These benefits will make this reform much more difficult to repeal than Republicans would have you believe. The bill has front loaded the most attractive parts of reform, while leaving some of the more difficult parts to later implementation dates. Can’t wait to see which Republicans advocate ending the assistance for seniors in that “donut hole.”

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1 Response to President Obama on Health Care Reform

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I only pray that this cancer, you call health care, is purged from this once great country.

    Your use of euphemisms:
    ‘Difficult’ for horrible, ‘Carve Out’ for corruption.

    The American people have a choice in the next series of elections, socialism or Republic.

    It is up to them.

    Your scalawag friends have to go.



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