Honoring Father Thomas Keyes

I was delighted to join with the Methuen City Council in honoring Father Thomas Keyes, the Pastor at St Lucy’s, who is leaving this month for a mission in Peru. Father Tom has been a great asset for our City, and we wish him great success. The Eagle Tribune story is here. The citation is below.

WHEREAS: Father Thomas Keyes, Pastor of St. Lucy’s Church in Methuen, is leaving April 12, 2010 for a mission in Lima, Peru; and

WHEREAS: during his numerous years of service as Assistant Pastor and Pastor, he was involved in various fundraisers for the parish, civic activities, helping parishioners, as well as participation during the Invocation at various City Council meetings; and

WHEREAS: Father Keyes’ character, commitment, determination, energy and willingness to work for the benefit of others; his service and dedication as Assistant Pastor and Pastor of St. Lucy’s Church is well deserving of recognition; now

THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED that on behalf of the citizens of Methuen, the City Council and the Mayor express their gratitude and appreciation to Father Keyes for his personal dedication and accomplishments and hereby extend best wishes and continued success now and in the future.

DATED: April 5, 2010

Honoring Pastor Tom Keyes

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