Charlotte Blood Honored

I joined with the Methuen City Council to honor Charlotte Blood, who has made a financial contribution to bring a new scoreboard to our fieldhouse. Charlotte and her family have run the Bruce Blood Memorial Basketball Tournament for 29 years, raising over $100,000 for scholarships. Bruce Blood was a wonderful person and a close friend of mine whose life was taken by a drunk driver many years ago. Our community is blessed to have someone like Charlotte, who is always there to help others, and who gives so much of herself to help the senior community. The Citation is below.

WHEREAS: Charlotte Blood started the Bruce Blood Memorial Scholarship Tournament in memory of her youngest son Bruce Blood after he was killed in a car crash in 1982 at the hands of a drunken driver
Charlotte Blood has sustained the memory of her son Bruce Blood for 29 years with class and dignity and has enriched our community through her tireless effort in volunteering her time and energy and;

WHEREAS: Charlotte Blood has been especially helpful in securing fundraising and donations for the scholarship’s tournament of 5,000 participants raising $100,000; and

WHEREAS: through the support of coaches and parents Methuen Youth Basketball officials will keep the Bruce Blood Memorial Basketball Tournament an event in memory of Bruce Blood: and

WHEREAS : Starting next year the Bruce Blood Memorial Scholarship will be renamed “ The Charlotte Blood Scholarship.

NOW THEREFORE: BE IT KNOWN the City of Methuen on behalf of the City Council express pride in Charlotte Blood for bringing honor to our community. We heartily congratulate and admire Charlotte Blood and her family as outstanding citizens and celebrate the decision to create “The Charlotte Blood Scholarship” in her honor.

DATED: April 5,2010

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