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The Recovery Act War of Words

The stimulus package anniversary has of course launched a war of words between Democrats and Republicans about its relative effectiveness. With jobless numbers still high the Republicans feel free to declare it a failure, while Democrats pounce on obvious Republican … Continue reading

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The Bayh Interview

Evan Bayh interviewed on the Morning Joe show. Bayh continues to make sense to me despite the torrent of abuse that has been heaped upon him by some in the Democratic Party. You can just see Katrina salivating to get … Continue reading

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China Moves Ahead (Again)

An interesting New York Times story on how the Chinese are moving rapidly ahead in the area of high speed rail. Couple this with the Chinese leap into renewable energy and it appears that the Chinese identify critical national needs … Continue reading

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The Lantigua Interview

Mayor William Lantigua of Lawrence is interviewed by the Eagle Tribune. Here is the video of that interview.

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Evan Bayh to Retire

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh will retire rather than run for re-election in the fall according to Chris Cillizza over at the Fix. Bayh’s decision is a blow to the Democratic Party, which will be hard pressed to hold this seat … Continue reading

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The President on Pay-Go

President Obama spent this weeks address talking about the re-instituting of the Congressional “Pay-Go” system, which requires new spending to be paid for with either spending cuts or tax increases. Seems like common sense to you? Pay-go has been bitterly … Continue reading

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My Le Wins February S.O.A.R. Award

Congratulations to My Le, who was a winner of the February S.O.A.R. Award. Congratulations My for a job well done. My Le Reason(s) for Recognition: My Le is a top achiever in the Art Department maintaining a GPA of 3.7 … Continue reading

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Lantigua Press Conference Live

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Lisa Barone Is The February SOAR Award Winner

Congratulatgions to Methuen High School’s Lisa Barone, who was awarded the February SOAR Award. A great student with a wonderful musical future. Put forward by Fine Arts Director Thomas Walters: It is my great pleasure to nominate Lisa Angela Barone … Continue reading

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Health Care Political Posturing Continues

The President and the House Republican caucus exchanged political blows yesterday over health care, and specifically the President’s call for a televised health summit on February 25. The Republicans are demanding that the President not use the House and Senate … Continue reading

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